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Loading Materials in a Portable Concrete Mixer
Remote concrete batching requires some creative logistics. CUBE operators have used back-hoes, high-reach lifts, excavators and more to get material onto the loading belt and into the mixing drum. Using Bulk Super SacksSome use piles of sand and gravel and load cement separately. When they load with a tractor bucket, they use the capacity of the bucket for measuring the concrete recipe.

Others have found pre-mixed and measured sacks to be the best option.

Using Bulk Super Sacks

These large poly-bags hold 1-yard of concrete mix and can be ordered with specific mix designs. For remote projects they offer the advantage of easy transport and compact organization of the dry materials at the job site.

The bags are designed with 4 upper straps that allow you to lift the material up and over the conveyor or the mixing drum. At the bottom of the bag is a tied-off spout that allows you to un-tie and release the dry concrete mix out of the bag. The bag material is fairly moisture-proof, but a precaution to cover the bags is recommended.

Using Bulk Super SacksThe cost per yard to use a bulk super sack is a bit more than working from piles of raw materials, but you will need to weigh the transportation, stocking and other costs to determine the best fit for your project. Bags will cost between $85 and $170 per yard, depending upon the area of the bagging operation and what mix design you choose.

The Cart-Away CUBE portable concrete mixer easily accepts these large bags of premix concrete. The top loading conveyor provides an easy target for accepting the material as it flows from the bag.
CUBE customers have found that they can increase the production through-put using the super sack loading systems. There is no need to wait for the loader bucket to scoop piles or for the bags of cement to be individually broken into the drum.

When you factor the labor costs for ready-mix production, it is easy to justify the extra upfront costs of the pre-mixed large bag.Bulk Bag Expert (214) 728-4592
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