Cart-Away Equipment or a Cart-Away®  Supply Store
For the past 15-years we have assisted hundreds of business people to enter the Trailer-based Concrete industry. Now we can offer a premier business opportunity in select markets around the country …Cart-Away Supply.

Every Cart-Away opportunity uses Cart-Away Concrete System’s quality equipment. Any way you choose, you are entering with the leader in the industry.


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Cart-Away Supply Photos
Cart-Away Photos
  Cart-Away Equipment Cart-Away
Use of Cart-Away™ Brand Name   √ franchise only
Protected Territories   √ franchise only
Regional and National Advertising   √ franchise only
Complete Operation Manuals   √ franchise only
Point of Sale Software   √ franchise only
Business Management Support   √ franchise only
National Purchasing Programs   √ franchise only
Technical Support √ 24/7
1-Yard Mixing Trailer (CMT100) √ exclusive dealership
1.75 yard MixKing™ Trailer   √ franchise only
GearSaver™ Drum Rotation Control
Tandemflex™ Plastic Fenders
Dry Belt Material Loader  (CBL) √ advanced model
Wet Auger Mixer (CAM) √ exclusive dealership
2008 BatchKing™ Material Dispenser   √ franchise only
MixMaster™  Software   √ franchise only
Custom Certified Mix Designs   √ franchise only
Concrete Secret Sauce™   √ franchise only
Scanner Batching™ Technology   √ franchise only
Swinging Load Conveyor
Water Volume Enhancement   √ franchise only
2-Minute Material Loading per Yard
Conveyor Dust Mister
VacAway™ Dust Management System √   √ discounted
Reclamation Station   √ franchise only
Cart-Away Parts √ discounted
Freight handling charges √ yes √ Free
Expedited Shipping Service √ $25.00 √ Free
Cart-Away Warranty √ 1-year √ 2-year
Cart-Away trouble shooting guide   √ franchise only
Distinctive Yelleen™ safety color   √ franchise only
Cart-Away C.U.B.E.™ √ exclusive dealership
Cart-Away Low Volume Loader (CLS)
Cart-Away DumpKing Trailer √ exclusive dealership
Use of Web based store locator   √ franchise only
Web based parts catalog   √ franchise only
Web page for your location   √ franchise only
Web advertising program   √ franchise only
Towing Vehicle Guide   √ franchise only
Yard Sign Package   √ franchise only
Demographic Location Study √ $250.00 √ included
Zoning and CUP Permitting √ for fee √ included
AQMD filings √ for fee √ included
Trailer Dispatch & Tracking System   √ franchise only
Best Business Practices Network   √ franchise only
On-going Factory Training   √ franchise only
Newsletter Service   √ franchise only
Business Trend Reports   √ franchise only
Quality Control Systems   √ franchise only
Store Comparison Reports   √ franchise only
Regular  Training Webinars   √ franchise only
Online Computer Assistance   √ franchise only
Product Installation √ for fee √ included
Cart-Away Supply Clothing   √ franchise only